Pain Management

Click HERE to watch a short Idaho Quality of Life Coalition video about pain management presented by oncologist Dr. Dan Zuckerman from St. Luke's MSTI- Boise, Idaho.

There are many treatment methods that can reduce and manage your pain. It is crucial to talk to your doctor about your pain so he or she can provide the help you need to feel better.

In addition to medication, there are healthy ways to deal with emotions people often have when they are living with pain. Living with chronic pain can take a toll on your mood, outlook, relationships and self-image. It may be important to seek help from a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, social worker or your faith community leader. By getting additional emotional and spiritual support, you will learn new ‘life’ skills to become more effective at managing pain that can enhance your medical treatment.

Pain associated with a life-limiting illness or at the end of life requires special treatment and can best be treated by a palliative care or hospice provider.

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