The POST form is only available to verified Idaho licensed physicians and Idaho licensed health care facilities.
Once you have registered for a password, you will be able to access the form easily in the future. 

Follow these steps to create a POST form for your patients:    

1.  If you do not already have a POST form log-inTo obtain a password, send an email with the physician or facility name and license number to

2.  Once you have your provider passwordLOG IN HERE(Using Firefox?  Watch for pop-up approval at top of screen to get form.  Using Explorer? Watch for pop-up allowance at the bottom of screen)

3.  Once completed and printed, please print the following two pages for the patient to take with them:  1. The form for your patient to submit their living will and POST to the Idaho Healthcare Directive Registry click HERE.  The registry sends them a wallet card that allows EMS to quickly access their directives and POST.  2. POST Patient FAQ click HERE

After the form is printed and signed:
1.  Provide the original, signed POST form to the patient.
2.  Make copies as appropriate for the patient’s records and healthcare environment(s).  Instruct patient to: give copies to family members, all of their healthcare providers and any Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Agents they have named.
3.  Instruct the patient to display the POST form in a conspicuous location at home- on refigerator, carry a copy with them and/or wear POST/DNR jewelry (see below).
5.  POST/DNR jewelry is not required but is available through the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition after the health care provider completes and signs the POST form. E-mail the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition about jewelry if desired

TIPS for healthcare providers:
- POST Form FAQs for medical providers click HERE.
- The form is interactive and will not permit multiple entries where only one entry is allowed. The form should be completed on-line and then printed. Because updates to the form happen periodically, printing blank copies and hand entering information is discouraged.
- Once you close the POST form, Information entered on the form will NOT be saved.
- “Ctrl Z” on your keyboard will undo the last action (helpful for clearing a check from a box in the form)