2014 Hospice & Palliative Care Conference

Monday June 2, 2014 - 8-5 pm
BSU Student Union, Boise

Limited Rural Scholarships Available for Idaho NPs & PAs (see below)

The 2014 Conference is SOLD OUT.  Thanks to all of you who are coming!!

We ​invite ​you ​to ​join ​us ​for ​the ​Idaho ​Quality ​of ​Life ​Coalition's ​annual ​Hospice ​& ​Palliative ​Care ​Conference. ​ ​Once ​again, ​this ​year ​we ​have ​two ​tracks: ​ ​Clinical ​and ​Admin. ​ ​We ​are ​not ​having ​an ​awards ​ceremony ​this ​year. ​ ​We ​are ​in ​the ​process ​of ​revamping ​the ​award ​process ​for ​next ​year. ​ ​Lunch ​will ​be ​provided ​to ​all ​and ​is ​included ​in ​your ​registration ​fee.

***It ​is ​important ​to ​note ​that ​we ​are ​going ​paperless ​this ​year. ​ ​All ​registrants ​must ​provide ​a ​valid ​email ​address. ​ ​As ​the ​conference ​approaches, ​your ​materials ​will ​be ​emailed ​to ​you. ​ ​ ​You ​can ​then ​either ​print ​your ​own ​sets ​or ​view ​your ​course ​materials ​on ​a ​computer ​or ​tablet. ​ ​The ​Coalition ​will ​not ​provide ​any ​printouts. 
​ ​

Track ​1: ​ ​EPEC ​- ​"Education ​in ​Palliative ​and ​End-of-life ​Care"  - 7 hr Class I CME
Instructor: ​ ​Dr. ​Kevin ​Clifford, ​St. ​Alphonsus ​Palliative ​Care ​Department.

Early Bird, Until May 19- $100
After May 19 - $150
In-depth Course Description click HERE

This ​course ​was ​developed ​at ​Northwestern ​University. ​ ​Dr. ​Clifford ​is ​a ​certified ​EPEC ​instructor ​and ​will ​deliver ​various ​chapters ​from ​the ​EPEC ​curriculum. ​ ​The ​EPEC ​curriculum ​combines ​didactic ​sessions, ​video ​presentations, ​interactive ​discussions, ​and ​practice ​exercises. ​It ​teaches ​fundamental ​palliative ​care ​skills ​in ​communication, ​ethical ​decision ​making, ​psychosocial ​considerations, ​and ​symptom ​management. ​Its ​curricular ​materials ​and ​accompanying ​take-home ​messages ​can ​easily ​be ​adapted ​for ​teaching ​sessions ​targeted ​at ​interdisciplinary ​audiences. ​ ​Each ​participant ​will ​receive ​the ​entire ​EPEC ​manual, ​power ​point ​slides ​and ​access ​to ​videos ​online. ​ ​This ​alone ​is ​a ​$200 ​value ​if ​you ​were ​to ​order ​these ​sets ​from ​the ​EPEC ​program. ​ ​ ​

This ​course ​will ​be ​ideal ​for ​any ​clinical ​staff ​but ​is ​targeted ​for ​mid-level ​providers ​and ​physicians. ​ ​Details ​of ​the ​course ​will ​be ​distributed ​as ​the ​agenda ​is ​finalized. ​ ​It ​will ​include ​a ​pain ​management ​module ​as ​well ​as ​other ​Palliative ​Care ​topics. ​ ​We ​are ​still ​working ​out ​the ​final ​details, ​but ​it ​should ​provide ​7 ​hours ​of ​CME.
****CMEs ​will ​be ​available ​for ​NPs, ​PAs ​and ​MDs.  IDQOL CEs for all others.

The Cambia Health Foundation Rural Practice Scholarship:  As an incentive to bring Idaho Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, who work in a more rural setting, to this important event, the Coalition, in conjunction with the Cambia Health Foundation, is offering a $200 travel scholarship to the first 25 PAs or NPs that register and that practice more than 200 miles from Boise.  To receive your CAMBIA Travel Scholarship, simply register, pay the course fee and then email:  info@IDQOL.org.   In your email let them know that you have registered, that you are either an Idaho PA or NP and where you practice (at least 200 miles from Boise).  The first 25 will receive the scholarship.  When the scholarship fund has been exhausted, notice will be posted on this conference webpage.  Your $200 travel stipend will be given to you as you check in the morning of the conference.  We are also offering a limited number of seats for current PA/NP students at a reduced cost (visit registration link above).  If you have any questions, call Casey Corbin, Coalition Director at 841-1862.  We hope those of you living closer than 200 miles from Boise will also join us for the EPEC CME Course June 2, 2014.

Track ​2:  ADMIN
Early Bird until May 19 $50
After May 19 - $80 for members

This track has 2 rooms:
1. ​ ​Owners/Admin/Marketing ​
2. ​ ​Social ​Workers, ​Chaplains, ​Volunteers, ​etc. ​ ​ ​
The ​class ​schedule ​as ​of ​now ​includes: (Update- See latest schedule for Room 2)

Room ​1 ​for ​Social ​Workers, ​Chaplains, ​others-
1.  "Legacy: ​ ​The ​importance ​of ​storytelling ​to ​ensure ​your ​legacy ​lives ​on."
2.  "Intimacy: ​The ​Importance ​of ​Intimacy ​at ​End ​of ​Life"
3.  "Learning ​the ​Language ​of ​End ​of ​Life"
4.  "Physician ​Assisted ​Suicide: ​ ​Testimonies ​of ​Social ​Workers ​and ​Chaplains ​Living ​Through ​It."
5.  "Ethics: ​POST ​and ​Advanced ​Directives ​"

Room ​2- ​Owners/Admin/Marketing
1.  "Where ​CMS ​is ​Today ​and ​Where ​it ​is ​Going"
2.  "Marketing ​Classes: ​Listen ​to ​Your ​Referral ​Sources ​– ​What ​Do ​They ​Think ​About ​Hospice ​Sales ​Approach"
3.  "Round ​Table: ​ ​Open ​Discussions ​With ​Fellow ​Owner/Administrators ​– ​Upcoming ​Regulations, ​current ​struggles, ​etc."

We ​will ​provide ​CE ​certificates ​for ​all ​Track ​2 ​attendees. ​ ​We ​must ​have ​a ​valid ​email ​for ​all ​registrants ​to ​send ​CEs ​and ​CMEs.

*As ​details ​are ​finalized, ​updates ​will ​be ​made ​and ​email ​bulletins ​sent ​to ​all ​registrants.  All of your conference materials will be emailed to you in PDF form before the conference.